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Elizabeth Warren Shows Trump Exactly What “Nasty Women” Are Going To Do On Election Day

Sen. Elizabeth Warren unloaded on Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman, and showed the Republican nominee exactly what nasty women will do on election day.


Sen. Warren riffed on Trump calling Clinton a nasty woman:

Donald Trump disrespects, aggressively disrespects, more than half the human beings in this country. He thinks because he has money that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos. He thinks because he is a celebrity he can rate women’s bodies from one to ten. He thinks that because he has a mouth full of Tic Tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance.

I got news for you, Donald Trump. Women have had it with guys like you. And nasty women have really had it with guys like you. Get this, Donald, Nasty women, are tough. Nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote. And on November 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.

Sen. Warren’s words are why Donald Trump is facing the possibility of a landslide defeat. Trump promised Republicans that he would fire up voters and get them to the polls. What the GOP didn’t realize is that it is Democratic women who Trump managed to fire up.

Women and men who are repulsed by the fact that they share a gender with Trump are flooding to the polls, because smart women aren’t nasty. Powerful women aren’t nasty. Intelligent women aren’t nasty.

The qualities that Trump reviles in women are what is going to power the electorate to reject him and keep America great for years to come.

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