Hillary Clinton Has A Bigger Lead In Nevada Early Voting Than Obama Had In 2012

Early voting numbers in Nevada show that Hillary Clinton is off to an even better start than the one that won President Obama the state in 2012.

Daniel Nichanian a Daily KOS elections and 538 contributor is keeping track of the Nevada early voting data:

A clear trend is developing towards Hillary Clinton in the early voting data.

While this doesn’t suggest an electoral outcome, is evidence of the strength of the Democratic ground game, and how effective the party has been in targeting voters and getting out the early vote.

One of the overlooked reasons, especially in the media, for why the election could completely get away from Republicans is that Donald Trump has chosen not to invest in building his own and the Republican Party’s get out the vote effort and ground game.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton committed early to building a substantial get out the vote operation in both early voting and swing states. Clinton has built her own machine, and invested heavily in the Democratic Party’s ground operation.

Those early strategic decisions are paying huge dividends for Clinton and the Democrats, and are already coming back to haunt Trump and the Republican Party.

The Democratic get out the vote operation is humming, and the fruits of these efforts can be seen in the number of Democrats who are showing up to vote.