Trump Falling Out Of Contention In Another Key State As Nevada Swings Toward Clinton

It appears that Nevada, an important battleground state that looked somewhat favorable to Donald Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, is quickly slipping away from the Republican nominee.

Two polls out on Monday show that Hillary Clinton is leading Trump in the swing state by 7 points and 4 points. The latter poll was conducted by Rasmussen Reports, which has been a pro-Trump survey throughout the campaign.

The picture below, courtesy of RealClearPolitics, shows just how drastic the shift has been toward Clinton over the past month:


After showing a tight race, or Trump ahead, Clinton has jumped quickly to a 4.7 percentage point lead over the course of the past several weeks.

Clinton’s polling momentum in the Silver State comes as Democrats are getting a huge advantage among early voters in Nevada. Despite the media’s constant claims that there is no enthusiasm on the Democratic side without Barack Obama on the ballot, they are outperforming 2012 when it comes to number of early ballots cast, as Jason Easley wrote earlier today.

Nevada is only the latest in a series of swing states have fallen out of contention for the Republican nominee.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign pulled out of Virginia. Polling conducted in the state since shows that it was probably a smart move – Hillary Clinton leads by an average of 8 points in the state, according to RealClearPolitics.

Colorado, a state many believed would be close this year, has the Democratic nominee ahead by the same margin.

Of course, the Trump campaign also claimed they would carry Pennsylvania in November, too, but Clinton leads there by an average of roughly 6 percentage points.

If these important states remain in the Clinton column, as likely will be the case, Donald Trump could win every remaining swing state – including North Carolina and Florida, where he is currently behind – and still lose the presidency.

With two weeks until Election Day, the Electoral College is solidifying around Hillary Clinton and slipping fast from Donald Trump.