Trump Illegal Fundraising Scandal Explodes As Influence Over Trump Sold To Foreign Donors

With two weeks to go before election day, the Trump campaign is facing a major fundraising scandal as Trump supporters were caught on tape trying sell influence with Trump to foreign donors.

The Telegraph (UK) sent reporters undercover to a Trump super PAC, and what they found was a desperate group of supporters who willing to illegally sell influence with Trump to foreign donors.

The Telegraph reported:

Senior figures involved with the Great America PAC, one of the leading “independent” groups organising television advertisements and grassroots support for the Republican nominee, sought to channel $2 million from a Chinese donor into the campaign to elect the billionaire despite laws prohibiting donations from foreigners.

In return, undercover reporters purporting to represent the fictitious donor were assured that he would obtain “influence” if Mr. Trump made it to the White House.

The Great America PAC is supported by top Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s own son Eric.

Everything that The Telegraph caught on tape was a violation of US campaign finance laws. The issue goes deeper than Donald Trump’s corrupt campaign and a network of super PACs. The willingness of the Great America PAC to engage in such blatantly illegal activity shows how Citizens United has gutted campaign finance laws.

The behavior exposed by the undercover investigation is why Citizens United must be overturned. The US electoral process is being corrupted by an endless flood of untraceable dark money.

These revelations are devastating for Donald Trump, whose entire campaign is based on the slogan Make America Great Again, but they are also proof that Citizens United has got to go ASAP.

The choice for voters who care about the influence of money in politics has been made clear. Donald Trump is selling access to the US presidency to foreign nationals, while Hillary Clinton is campaigning on overturning Citizens United.

Not since the dark days of Richard Nixon has there been a person seeking the presidency who is as overtly corrupt as Trump.

Donald Trump is a symptom. Citizens United is the larger disease that is poisoning our democracy.