Bill Clinton Puts The Final Nail In The GOP’s Coffin After Trump Obamacare Flub


Bill Clinton showed the difference between professionals and amateurs by offering a rousing defense of the ACA after Donald Trump completely flubbed on Obamacare.


While campaigning in North Carolina for Hillary Clinton, former President Clinton said:



President Clinton offered a defense of the current law that was great for the Hillary Clinton campaign because it acknowledged both the good that the law is doing and the parts of the ACA that need to be fixed.

On the other hand, Donald Trump gave a nonsensical answer during an event at his golf club in Florida that implied that he doesn’t provide health insurance for his employees while he was claiming that he does provide his employees with health insurance.

Trump followed up his initial bad answer with an even worse one on Fox News where he appeared not to know what the Affordable Care Act is, or what the law does.

Republicans selected a nominee who is so incompetent that his is incapable of carrying out their most basic attack on the ACA without screwing it up.

Former President Clinton’s remarks revealed that Democrats have a clear and concise strategy to deal with the news of the premium increases. Democrats are going to talk about the current good the law is doing and ways to make the ACA better.

The Democratic campaign is being run by professionals who understand governing. Republicans are being steered by a C-list reality television star who has no idea what Obamacare even is.

Voters have consistently stated a preference for a candidate who is qualified for office and understands the issues. Trump’s Obamacare bumble combined with Bill Clinton’s sterling competence may have hammered the final nail in the GOP’s 2016 political coffin.