As His Business Collapses, Trump Ditches His Own Presidential Campaign

Trump’s brand is in tatters, and his presidential campaign has caused his business empire to crater, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Trump is blowing off his bid for the presidency two weeks before election day.

Trump is spending the next two days promoting his Doral golf course, and he will hold a ribbon cutting tomorrow to promote the opening of his new hotel in Washington, DC.

According to the Trump campaign, “Mr. Trump will be holding a grand opening & ribbon cutting event at the Trump International Hotel – Old Post Office.”

Less than two weeks before a presidential election that Trump has called the Republican Party’s last chance of winning ever again, Trump himself is wasting nearly an entire day promoting his business interests instead of campaigning.

Donald Trump appears to be giving up on his own presidential campaign. Trump will not hold a campaign event on Wednesday until 7 PM. He is spending his time campaigning in Florida because it is close to his home and some business interests, even though election experts are warning that the state may already have slipped away from Trump.

Trump’s hotel business is down by 59%. Perception of the Trump brand, which even Trump concedes is where billions of dollars of his self-listed wealth comes from, has never been lower.

Trump looks like he is transitioning back into his former life. The Washington DC ribbon cutting isn’t like the previous hyped up non-press conference at the same hotel where Trump promised to take questions about his birtherism but instead cut a commercial for his new property.

Donald Trump isn’t even pretending anymore, and it is looking less like he is trying.

If the nominee is giving on his own campaign, he is sending the message that Republican voters should too.