Good News For Democrats: Florida Early Voting Turnout Is Surging In Democratic Counties

In one day of early voting, Democrats virtually erased the Republican lead in ballots cast in Florida due to a surge of turnout in the state’s Democratic counties.

1.6 million Florida voters have already cast their ballots. Republicans had a 2% lead after 1.3 million mail-in ballots were casts, but Democrats dominated the first day of early voting and cut the Republican edge down to 7,000 votes. An additional 251,000 voters with no party affiliation have also voted.

Early voting turnout was up 6% over 2012, and it was especially high in Democratic counties:

The Democratic plan has always been to build up such a huge early voting advantage in North Carolina and Florida that the states will be won before November 8.

It is encouraging for Democrats that Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls appears to be translating to early voting. After weeks of Trump scandals and strong Clinton debate performances, it looks like Democrats are more motivated to vote in this election than Republicans.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have invested time, money, and resources into getting out the Democratic vote. While Donald Trump holds big rallies, Hillary Clinton has been targeting voting and building the Democratic ground operation.

Trump’s rallies may have played well on television, but it Democrats who have been doing the work that is required to win an election.

So far, the Democratic ground game is crushing Trump’s yard signs, hats, and TV bluster.