Trump TV crash

Trump TV Crashes On Its Second Night, Blames It On Secret Facebook Conspiracy

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:25 pm

In a perfect analogy for the failing Donald Trump campaign, his new nightly “news” program broadcast on Facebook for just its second night broke down on Tuesday.

According to Time’s Zeke Miller, instead of having to stare at Rudy Giuliani and Boris Epshteyn, viewers were blessed with a “black ‘setting configuration error’.”

Not only did the live video feed crash in the middle of its broadcast, but once the stream came back online, they blamed it on a Facebook conspiracy.

In a way, the crash is a perfect microcosm of the Trump campaign.

Not only is the Republican nominee’s crashing and burning as recent polling shows Hillary Clinton leading just about everywhere you look, but the Trump campaign is also blaming the implosion on a conspiracy: that the election is rigged.

It appears that Trump is heading for defeat in November, and his fallback of a post-election media empire seems to be flopping, too.

Sean Colarossi

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