Donald Trump’s Support Among LGBT Community is a Deplorable 12 Percent

According to Gallup, Hillary Clinton’s favorability among LGBT adults is 55 percent, 14 percent higher than among non-LGBT adults. Donald Trump’s favorability among LGBT adults sits at a disastrous 12% percent. It is difficult to make much of the fact that this is 20 points lower than his support among non-LGBT adults when that support itself rests only at the 32 percent mark.

Gallup notes that neither of these figures has varied much since June, and points out that “Democratic candidates have historically garnered widespread support among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and this year is no exception.”

“LGBT support for Clinton also varies little by race or ethnicity, contrasting with the significantly stronger favorability she receives among the nonwhite, non-LGBT population…Among both white and nonwhite LGBT adults, more than 70% say they are Democrats or lean Democratic. Among non-LGBT individuals, 61% of nonwhite adults identify as Democrat, compared with only 35% of their non-Hispanic white counterparts.”


It is worth noting that in 2012, Barack Obama was preferred by LGBT adults 71 percent to anti-LGBT Mitt Romney’s 22 percent. Going further back, 2 percent supported Sen. John McCain in 2008 and 23 percent George W. Bush in 2000.

If you want a measure of just how badly Trump is doing among gays and lesbians, here you have it.

The media makes much of voters not liking either candidate much, but there is a clear loser in the figure of Donald J. Trump. And it isn’t just a liberal/conservative thing. The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization representing gay conservatives, which did endorse Mitt Romney, voted last Tuesday to withhold endorsement of Donald Trump.

President Gregory T. Angelo said,

“Could Donald Trump be the most pro-LGBT president that this country has ever had? He might well be.” However, said Angelo, Trump’s inconsistent position on “presented enough reservations such that the board did not feel comfortable putting the full face of our 40-year-old brand behind the Republican Party’s nominee for president.”

Donald Trump repeatedly claims he will be a president for all Americans, but unfortunately for Trump, people seem to have long memories where his track record is concerned.

The lesson here seems to be that if hatred and fear have done well for Trump is drumming up the Fox News “white Christian American” demographic, it has had the opposite effect among those at whom that hate and fear are directed.

Here, tone-deaf as ever, Trump’s consistent stance against marriage equality has cost him yet another demonized demographic – and the support of many people who don’t have a problem LGBTers.