Trump Kicks African-American Protester Out Of North Carolina Rally, Calls Him A ‘Thug’

After pretending he cared about earning the votes of African Americans, Donald Trump kicked a black man out of a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday, calling him a “thug” while doing so.

Trump’s insulting and racially tinged rhetoric came hours after he was in Charlotte reaching out to the African-American community and promising a “new deal for black America” if elected president.

The Republican nominee has insulted African-American voters throughout much of the campaign, often calling their communities “hell” and claiming they only live in areas riddled with crime and crumbling schools.

Of course, in true Trump form, he didn’t just use tasteless rhetoric insulting to the African-American community at his rally. He also took a shot at Syrian refugees.

If you’re keeping score at home, African Americans who stand up to Trump’s offensive campaign message are “thugs” and Syrian refugees who come to the United States – in most cases women and children simply seeking a better life – are terrorists who will do damage to our country for “generations.”

A man who has such disdain for so many Americans has no business being President of the United States.