Trump Has Gotten The Republican Party Sued For Trying To Intimidate Voters

Trump’s claims that the election is rigged and that his supporters need to go to the polls to intimidate voters have landed the Republican Party in court as the DNC has filed a lawsuit.

The Washington Post reported:

The Democratic National Committee has filed papers in federal court against the Republican National Committee, accusing it of violating a 1982 court order intended to prevent voter intimidation.

The motion filed in New Jersey says the RNC has supported the efforts of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign “to intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Trump has recently been urging his supporters to monitor polling places on Election Day.

Democrats aren’t going to stand by and let Trump supporters waltz into polling places in heavily Democratic areas to intimidate voters.

Trump’s call for his supporters to go to polling places that aren’t their own to watch voters is a clear violation of the consent decree.

The Republican Party, which has completely abandoned the idea of winning elections based on ideas, is firmly standing behind their nominee because the same party that was too weak to stop Trump during the primary is certainly not going to stand in the way of what might be their only chance of winning.

People should not be afraid to go to the polls and vote. No matter who you are voting for, Democrats have your back. The Republican Party has been trying to suppress the vote and intimidate voters for years.

Democrats are on to their tricks, and as the lawsuit demonstrates, Trump and the GOP are not going to get away with intimidating voters.