Trump’s Campaign Backfires As Hillary Clinton Attracts Millions of New Voters

Donald Trump promised that he would bring millions of new Republicans voters into the election, but polling in swing states shows that it is Hillary Clinton who is getting new voters out to support her.

Within their discussion of a new Pennsylvania poll showing Clinton leading Trump by 7 points, The New York Times reported:

Mrs. Clinton has an 18-point lead among voters who did not participate in the 2012 election, according to our estimates, which are based on a combination of the poll results and voter file data. She fares even better among white voters who didn’t vote in 2012 than she does among white voters who did. It’s a pattern that has been true across all of the Upshot/Siena surveys in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

There has not been an influx of new voters who might help Mr. Trump. According to our estimates, Mrs. Clinton has a 16-point lead among newly registered voters.

The idea that Trump was bringing millions of new voters to the Republican Party was always a myth.

Donald Trump got the most votes of any candidate in a Republican presidential primary. Trump also set the record for most votes cast against in a Republican primary. Trump is one of the few nominees in history to have a majority of his party’s primary ballots cast against him.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate who is attracting millions of new voters, and without a doubt, some of those voters have been motivated by Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump was right. He has brought millions of new voters to the polls. What he neglected to tell Republicans is that they are coming for Hillary Clinton.