Donald Trump Calls A Black Supporter A Paid Thug and Kicks Him Out of His Rally

“We have a protester! By the way, were you paid $15,000 to be a thug?” Republican nominee Donald Trump yelled at a black man from his lectern during a rally Wednesday evening in Kinston, North Carolina.

Trump went on suggesting that the man had been paid by Hillary Clinton to protest Trump. But it turns out, as usual, Trump’s paranoia got the best of him and he kicked out his own supporter, a man named C.J. Cary who happened to be wearing a GOP badge and holding a letter supporting Trump but urging him to stop being so offensive.

Watch here via Raleigh’s News & Observer:

The News and Observer reported, “Cary says he wanted to deliver a note to Trump urging him to be less offensive and more inclusive to four demographic groups: black people, women, people with disabilities and college students. Cary, an African-American, says he’s an ex-Marine who also worked in Afghanistan as a civilian for the U.S. Army.”

The irony is no doubt lost on the Trump crowd that this man came to urge Trump to be more inclusive of African Americans and he got called a paid thug and kicked out. So the answer to his plea seems to be, “Never gonna happen.”

Cary was wearing a GOP badge and his letter slammed Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Leave it to Donald to shrink his own tent even more. It wasn’t enough that he tossed out a baby, now he’s going after his few minority supporters.

Some things never change.

Image: screencap of video from Raleigh’s News & Observer

h/t Vox