FBI Director James Comey Schooled by Former DOJ Spokesman for Abusing His Power

Former DOJ spokesman for Eric Holder Matthew Miller, a self described “recovering flack from DOJ, DSCC”, schooled Republican FBI Director James Comey for violating his power and lambasted him for commenting on a case within 60 days of an election.

“The department and the FBI have very strict rules about when they can comment on ongoing cases and Director Comey has violated those rules going back to his original press conference when he closed the case,” Miller said on CNN. “But this latest example violates a long standing practice which is that the department goes out of its way not to do anything that can be seen as trying to influence an election in the closing days of an election, and usually they interpret the closing days to be seen as the last 60 days let alone the last 11 days.”

Watch here:

Miller also held school on Twitter about Comey’s abuse of power, which has led to Hillary Clinton having to defend against a negative:

Miller points out, “This just smells worse and worse the more we learn”, linking to this:

The problem with Comey’s actions isn’t that he is investigating Hillary Clinton; the problem is he is violating long standing rules that prohibit federal employees from doing anything that could be seen as political near an election. It is an established rule that ongoing investigations aren’t commented on for obvious reasons.

This is quite simply not done. Comey’s reasons for doing this are unclear, and perhaps when he provides more information his decision will make more sense. But it’s troubling that we are seeing such a consistent breakdown of tradition and rules/agreements of law surrounding the Trump campaign, which seems to have lowered the bar all around.