GOP Scandal Falls Apart As New Emails Didn’t Come From Hillary Clinton’s Server

The new Clinton email scandal keeps getting worse for Republicans as new information is emerging that the emails the FBI is looking at were not on her server.

The AP is reporting:

From previous reporting, it is known that the emails have nothing to do with Clinton, her campaign, the Clinton Foundation, the Russian hacks, the State Department, and any emails she sent or received. Now, we know that the emails were not on her server. FBI Director Comey completely bungled this announcement, and he needs to explain what the FBI is analyzing, because it doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with Hillary Clinton.

The email scandal that Republicans thought would save them has evaporated nearly as quickly as it arrived. With each new development, it is clear that there is much less to the story than initially reported.

If the Republican Party wants to risk losing, even more House and Senate seats in 11 days by pursuing this non-story, they should feel free to have at it.

Any time that Republicans spend talking about Clinton’s emails over the next 11 days will only help the Democratic Party.

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