Moronic Trump Campaign Thinks Reopened Clinton Email Investigation Will Save Them

The Trump campaign is so desperate that they are openly celebrating the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted:

The problem with the idea that the emails will save Donald Trump and the Republican Party is that Clinton was beating Trump while the FBI did their first investigation into her emails. Clinton has led Trump all through the Congressional hearings into her emails. She led Trump throughout the FBI investigation into her emails. Clinton won the Democratic nomination with her emails being a story.

The point is that Hillary Clinton’s emails aren’t a big issue to the majority of voters. The people who aren’t Republicans in this election don’t care about her emails.

When compared to Trump sexually assaulting women, not paying federal income taxes, and being sued in two states for fraud, the emails seem like a quaint political scandal from a much simpler time.

There has also never been a shred of proof that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong.

Republicans can’t get past the basic hurdle of needing actual evidence to back up their email conspiracy.

Hillary Clinton is facing Donald Trump in this election, and only a moron or a truly desperate campaign manager clinging on the last bit of hope that she can find would believe that the reopening of an email investigation will make a bit of difference on election day.

The voters are speaking, and they don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails.