Revived Clinton Email Scandal Killed By A Slew Of New Facts In Record Time


The revived Hillary Clinton email investigation story that gave Republicans some brief hope has been killed by a slew of new facts.

Devastating point number one to Republicans. The emails aren’t about Clinton withholding, receiving, or sending emails:

NBC’s Pete Williams also has details that are already taking the air out of Republican sails:


For those who can’t watch the video above:

This might be a record for the fastest death of a Republican scandal. Trump and Republicans made a number of assumptions that turned out not to be true. It looks like the FBI is only trying to be careful in their review. Since the emails have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, the State Department, emails sent or received by Clinton or the Clinton Foundation, Republicans were wrong on all fronts.

Facts won’t stop Republicans from trying to make something out of nothing, but the Comey letter is not the campaign changer that Trump and the Republicans were hoping for. The weakness of this story means that should play well in the conservative media echo chamber, but by Monday, it will be forgotten by the rest of the country.