Trump Crushed By Hillary Clinton’s New Powerful Closing Argument To Women

The Hillary Clinton supporting Priorities USA super PAC has released a powerful ad that makes the closing argument for why women should get out to vote and support the Democratic nominee.


The ad is set to the Carole King classic “Natural Woman” as sung by her daughter. The ad features clips of ordinary women living their lives mixed with clips of Elinor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, and Hillary Clinton. Two-thirds of the way through the ad, Trump appears and audio of him calling women fat pigs, slobs, fat asses, and flat chested among other insults. On the screen are shots of women holding up up cards with the hashtag vote.

The message is clear, powerful, and absolutely devastating.

Women need to vote against the behavior of Donald Trump. The words of Donald Trump and his treatment of women must be rejected. It is time for all Americans of conscience to lead the way, but if we are realistic about US society, it will be women who lead the way. Women will provide the moral voice that rejects Trump. According to the polling, it will be women who lead the way for Hillary Clinton to win the presidential.

CNN asked the Trump campaign for comment about the ad, and their request was met with silence because Donald Trump’s own words did all the talking that voters need to hear.

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