Comey Letter Hurts GOP As Hillary Clinton Raised $11.3 Million Online In 72 Hours

The letter from James Comey about the Hillary Clinton email scandal has motivated Democrats, as the Clinton campaign says they raised $11.3 million online in the last 72 hours.

Lisa Lerer of the AP reported:

The Comey letter was supposed to boost Trump and depress Democratic turnout, but the opposite appears to be happening. James Comey’s interference in the presidential election has motivated Clinton supporters to work harder, give more money, and get to the polls, which in not what Republicans wanted at all.

Democrats have seen through Comey’s letter and the Republican spin. The October surprise has failed. Instead, it has made Hillary Clinton even stronger while giving her campaign more resources to use to close out the presidential election.

As a political tactic, the Comey letter is harming Republicans.

Republicans have thrown everything that they can think of at Hillary Clinton, and nothing has stopped her. Hillary Clinton and her supporters continue to grow stronger, while Donald Trump is marching back into reality television star C-list celebrity obscurity.