Trump Kills The GOP With The Lowest Score In History Of Presidential Leadership Poll

In a major omen of potential election disaster for Republicans, Donald Trump has scored the lowest rating in the history of Gallup’s presidential leadership poll.

Gallup released their presidential leadership survey, and the results were historically bad for Donald Trump:

Voters rate Trump worse than any other presidential candidate in Gallup’s records on having the personality and leadership qualities a president should have. Previous readings were taken in late October in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 campaigns. In those years, between 52% and 61% of registered voters said the two major-party candidates had the right personality and leadership qualities — a sharp contrast to Trump’s current 32%. Clinton’s rating of 51% is one percentage point below the previous low score.

Clinton’s score, while low, was one point of the range for previous presidential cycles going back to 2000. Trump’s score was twenty percent below the lowest score in the history of the poll.

Voters aren’t going to elect a man to be the next president who they view as lacking the basic qualities of presidential leadership. The popular vote total in 2016 may reflect the nation’s political polarization, but there is a reason why electoral map projections continue to look very good for the Democratic candidate.

Donald Trump has failed the most elemental test for any presidential candidate. He doesn’t look, act, or behave like a person who has the qualities needed to occupy the Oval Office and lead the United States of America.

The last week before election day tension that is in the air is normal, but the fundamental motivating factors of this contest haven’t changed. Democrats are holding on to their electoral map advantage, while Donald Trump has become the central issue and question on the ballot.

Republicans look to be heading for a major ballot box disaster because voters do not believe that Donald Trump is fit to be president.