Louis C.K. Delivers The Perfect Closing Case For Voting For Hillary Clinton

Sometimes the best arguments come from the most unlikely sources. For example, comedian Louis C.K. delivered the best argument for voting for Hillary Clinton that you will hear from anyone during this election.


C.K said, “I think she’s great. It’s not a lesser of two evils thing. I think she’s great. She’s talented and super-smart. I’d take her over anybody else who would do it, and to me, it’s really exciting to have the first mother in the White House. It’s not about the first woman. It’s about the first mom.”

The comedian later explained that he supports Clinton because she is battle tested and has taken abuse from her critics for decades, “Hillary Clinton can take abuse. She’s been taking it and taking it. We’ve been holding her down and spitting in her mouth… and she just keeps working.”

He later added the country needs a president who can get things done, “I don’t want somebody who is likable or cool and more.”

“We need a two-faced, conniving, crazy –– somebody who’s got a million schemes,” he explained. “And, by the way, all (her) sh*t is out there. Every email she ever wrote is in the newspapers — and she’s not in jail which is amazing. But we need a tough b*tch mother who nobody likes and just does sh*t.”

He had some strong words for the complaining class of liberals who are not going to vote,“If you’re a liberal who’s not going to vote, you’re a piece of sh*t!”

Louis C.K’s summation of this election was perfect, “This is my feeling overall. If you vote for Hillary, you’re a grown-up. If you vote for Trump, you’re a sucker. If you don’t vote for anybody, you’re an assh*le.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a funnier or more compelling argument for Hillary Clinton anywhere else outside of Michelle Obama.

Comedians are our great social mirrors. Through their humor, we see ourselves and our country. Louis C.K. explained this election better than the entire class of pundits that litter the cable news landscape.

The 2016 election isn’t an argument over grand ideas. It’s about who can do the job, and on this measure, Hillary Clinton stands head and shoulders above Donald Trump.