Nevada Senate Candidate Joe Heck Won’t Commit to Voting for Donald Trump

Nevada Senate candidate Joe Heck isn’t committing to vote for Donald Trump, though he says he is qualified. Speaking to Las Vegas’ KSNV News3LV the Nevada Republican said,

“Well, I can tell you I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton. We still have six days before I walk into the booth. On November 8th, I’ll have a decision.”

He had previously withdrawn his support for Trump on October 8, but he seems to have a hard time letting go.

According to Heck,

“I think he won our nomination through a very intensive primary process and caucus process, and the Republican voters decided that they wanted him as their nominee. So, I think if you meet the constitutional qualifications and you’re selected by the Republican Party, then you’re qualified to be President.”

The logic is a little iffy, given that the Republican Party also selected Sarah Palin, but it provides a nice out for Heck, who can criticize Trump without criticizing him.

“Whomever the next commander-in-chief is, they’re going to need to surround themselves with military leaders that will provide them with the expert advice that they need to keep the country safe and make sure our men and women in uniform have the tools and the resources they need to do the jobs we asked them to do. I think that Donald will do that. He certainly has a lot of military leaders that have signed on as his advisers.”

This is another one of those standard Republican waffling deals we have seen so often where Trump is involved. The exemplar is, of course, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, but others have done it also. The 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape is responsible for much of this reaction. They can’t deny Trump stepped way over the line but they can’t abandon the GOP nominee.