Trump Shows He Can’t do Math By Getting Earnings Wrong While Trying To Attack NYT

Trump is in Florida today, trying to keep any more registered Republicans from voting for Hillary Clinton. While he was at it, he attacked the media for supposedly ignoring Hillary Clinton’s problems and attacking him instead.

Fantasy, all of it. But his biggest problem wasn’t mythical persecution but his inability to do math. CBS News’ Sopan Deb captured his comments (in this case, ignore the highlighted section and look at the last paragraph):

As NBC News’ Katy Tur pointedly remarked in a tweet:

As Callum Borchers of The Washington Post’s The Fix observed,

You don’t need to have studied at Wharton to notice that Trump cited a number from the third-quarter column, not the year-to-date column. The third-quarter column is not the right place to find earnings figures for “this year.”
What’s funny is that if Trump had taken numbers from the right place, he would have been able to say that the Times’s net income dropped 224 percent. The company had net income of $11.2 million through the first three quarters of 2015 but a net loss of $13.8 million during the same period of 2016

In fact, the Times earnings went down 224 percent but as Borchers explains, “the New York Times Co.’s net income figure requires some important context.”

That context is noted right where Trump could read it if he cared about facts: a paper mill closed in which a Times‘ subsidiary was heavily invested.

As Borcher puts it,

“That’s right. The sharp drop in net income at the New York Times Co. is not about the newsroom, as Trump would have you believe; it is about the closure of a paper mill.”

Trump can’t do math and he sure as hell can’t be honest. Folks, this is America’s self-proclaimed best business man in the world, and he doesn’t even know how to read a balance sheet.

No wonder he has had to declare bankruptcy so often, can’t pay his bills and has to use charity donations to buy himself nice things.

And he thinks he’s going to fix the economy? Think again. Looks like Trump not only dodged the draft but math class as well.

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