Clinton’s Superior Ground Game Could Put Her Over The Top In Neck-and-Neck Georgia

Even after the FBI injected itself into the campaign last week, a new poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump all tied up … in Georgia.

According to the NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll conducted totally after the FBI fiasco, the two major candidates are in a virtual dead heat in the state. Trump gets 45 percent of the vote against 44 percent who prefer Clinton.

The numbers:


What should be troubling to the Trump campaign isn’t just the topline numbers showing that the race in Georgia is incredible close, but also the fact that the Clinton campaign operation is far superior to theirs.

This was similarly true of Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012, when his ground game was able to help him outperform his poll numbers by over three percentage points nationwide. In Georgia, Obama overperformed public polling by more than two points.

With Trump’s operation far worse than Romney’s was four years ago and certainly inferior to Clinton’s, it’s conceivable that the Democratic nominee could outperform the polling by even more.

If the latest poll of the Peach State is accurate, her GOTV operation could be all she needs to steal the deep red state from Trump and put the election away early next Tuesday.

Five days before Election Day, it’s probably not a good sign that the Republican nominee has to worry about holding onto Georgia.