Stunning Report Finds Anti-Clinton FBI Agents Are Trying To Get Trump Elected President

There is an anti-Clinton faction in an FBI office that is suspected of releasing and leaking information in an attempt to get Donald Trump elected president.

Reuters reported:
The new emails turned up as FBI investigators were examining electronic devices used by former Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner in connection with an alleged “sexting” scandal. Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, is a Clinton confidante.

Two law enforcement sources familiar with the FBI’s New York Field Office, which initially discovered the emails, said a faction of investigators based in the office is known to be hostile to Hillary Clinton. A spokeswoman for the FBI’s New York office said she had no knowledge about this.

Democratic Party sources said such a faction was likely responsible for a recent surge in media leaks on alleged details of an ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

The lasting scandal to come out of the 2016 election might be the FBI, not Hillary Clinton’s emails. It is clear that there is something amiss in the bureau. If Democrats win control of the Senate on Tuesday, it is almost certain that they will launch an investigation into the FBI’s investigation of Clinton.

FBI agents could be violating the law in an attempt to use their public sector jobs to interfere in a presidential election. What the anti-Clinton faction of the FBI is engaging in is a threat to US democracy.

A group of FBI agents who are hostile to Hillary Clinton are trying to undermine a presidential election. That sentence reads like the plot to a Hollywood blockbuster, but that is what appears to be happening in real life in the final days of a presidential campaign.

Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, she may end up doing so by overcoming more obstacles than any other presidential candidate in US history.

Democrats now have all the motivation that they will ever need to get out and vote.