NBC’s Katy Tur Slams Trump For False ‘Don’t Show the Crowds’ Riff

NBC’s Katy Tur has been the frequent target of Trump’s personal attacks, being told by the candidate at one point to “be quiet,” and “little Katy” and a “third-rate reporter.”

Singled out again the other day by Trump for allegedly not showing the size of his crowds, “There’s something happening. They’re not reporting it. Katy — you’re not reporting it, Katy,” Tur seems to have had enough.

Her response to this latest incidence was to explain that “This is a shtick that he does to rile up his base — it’s to give him an excuse to berate somebody other than Donald Trump.”

Tur is not about to take the blame, however. She tweeted from a rally last night,

As you can see from this photo tweeted by NBC’s Ali Vitali, the cameras are on the crowds even while Trump is saying the cameras don’t show the crowds:


And Tur followed that up with this remarkable tweet which leaves you wondering where the thought processes of the Trump crowds might be:

This is rather like the image of a child shouting at his mother “Why aren’t you buying me ice cream” as she buys him ice cream. Reality has completely left the building. Here is just one of the crowd images she has tweeted:

Trump is trying to rile up the base, Tur said, and he does, as a tweet from YahooNews’ Holly Bailey demonstrates, at Tur’s expense:

Trump is a dangerous misogynist and his personal attacks on journalists are dangerous. The media has always shown his crowds, and in truth, they have paid far more attention to Donald Trump than he deserves, and far less than they should to his scandals and legal problems.

Sadly, people who can’t tell when the camera is pointed at them rather than at Trump, are a lost cause and will learn nothing from tweets like those above. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but that’s true only if you actually bother to look, and not only look but see.

Photo: Twitter