Republicans Terrified As Latino Voter Turnout Skyrockets To Stop Trump

Latino voter turnout is skyrocketing, as Republicans are facing a rout with Latino voters thanks to Donald Trump.

Gabriel Sanchez of Latino Decisions broke down numbers that paint the picture of a growing and energized Latino electorate that is out to stop Trump.

Sanchez told reporters in a conference call:

– Latino enthusiasm is up 10 points over 2012. 13.1-14.7 million Latinos estimated to vote. 71% of Latino voters said the election is very important.

– In 2012, Latino turnout was 48%. The projection for Latino turnout is projected to increase to 51%-53% for 2016.

– Early voting turnout with Latinos is increasing. Latino early vote in Florida is up 100% over 2012. The Latino early vote in North Carolina is up 60%. Latino early voting in Colorado and Nevada are up 20%. In Texas Latino early vote up 60% over 2012.

Latino enthusiasm is being driven by blocking Trump and increasing enthusiasm and support for Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has the most lopsided lead with Latino voters in history. Clinton is projected to beat Trump in 2016 by a margin of 80%-7%, with 3% of the vote going to third-party candidates. Clinton’s over Trump is higher than Obama’s lead over Romney. Clinton is dominating with Latino voters in all swing states. Hillary Clinton’s smallest lead is a 40% lead over Trump in FL.

Republicans warned in their autopsy report after the 2012 election that they needed to improve their performance with Latino voters or face even larger defeats in the future.

Instead of taking this advice to heart, Republican voters nominated the most anti-Latino presidential candidate in modern American electoral history.

Latinos are chronically underrepresented in the mainstream media and academic national polling, but what is shaping up in the detailed Latino polling is a complete bloodbath for Republicans.

The impact of Latino voters will be felt beyond the presidential race. Latino voters could swing several Senate seats to Democrats.

Republicans are about to pay a steep price for nominating Donald Trump and ignoring the lessons of 2012 as the rising political power of Latinos is about to flex its muscle for Hillary Clinton.