Clinton Goes High, Trump Goes Low In Final Campaign Ads Of The 2016 Cycle

Since the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly referenced Michelle Obama’s memorable line that “when they go low, we go high.”

In Clinton’s closing ad of the 2016 campaign, she did just that – ended on a high note.


In Clinton’s ad, titled ‘Roar’, a series of voters appear on screen with captions ranging from “I’m voting for respect” and “I’m voting against hate,” all the way to the end of the ad where Clinton appears on screen with the words “I’m voting for a President.”

The Democratic nominee’s TV spot will be airing in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin up until Nov. 8.

Donald Trump’s closing two-minute video, titled ‘Donald Trump’s Argument for America’, quickly went after Clinton, calling her corrupt and referencing the recent FBI non-story involving the Democratic nominee’s emails.

It also paints America in some of the harshest terms yet, despite the undeniable progress that has been made over the past eight years, particularly when it comes to the economy.


Hillary Clinton’s final ad does what a presidential nominee should do in the final days of a campaign – appeal to any undecided voters that still may be out there looking for a reason to vote for either candidate.

Trump’s video, on the other hand, is a rehash of his standard campaign message that appeals to those who already support him – and very few others.

In an election cycle defined by negativity, Clinton’s strategy is likely to yield the best results as any late-deciders head to their polling places.