Donald Trump Melts Down Because President Obama is Campaigning for Clinton

Speaking this afternoon in Wilmington, North Carolina, Trump launched into an epic rant, complaining that “Biden is going around” campaigning against him. What really got him, however, was that “Obama is going,” using Air Force One.

Trump demanded to know who is paying for that, by the way, which is rich coming from a guy who tried to get out of paying taxes on his own plane and uses other peoples’ money to buy himself luxury items and collectibles.

The Republican nominee also renewed his false claim that Obama is always “screaming at protesters” even though the president hasn’t screamed at even one before petulantly exclaiming,

“I’ll tell you what. He should not be campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He should be at the Oval Office working on jobs.”

Trump won’t admit, of course, that President Obama holds the record on job creation. Because, as you know, Trump has promised to create all those jobs Obama has already created.

Per Sopan Deb, covering the event for CBS News, this is how the rant went:

Watch Trump’s complete speech. His comments about Biden and Obama come at the 2 hour, 20 minute mark:

Of course, as Katy Tur and others have reminmded the biggest liar in American political history, they do show the crowds. They always show the crowds.

Donald Trump is losing and he is panicking. He sounds more unhinged every day, every speech, and his lies, already record-breaking, are coming faster than ever.

Generally, outgoing presidents don’t spend a lot of time campaigning for their successors, but few outgoing presidents are as popular as Barack Obama. If George W. Bush was a hindrance to his party, Obama’s approval ratings just keep going up.

And Trump, already hurting at the polls, just can’t stand that. So he cries foul. Trump, according to his narrative, is supposed to be the tough guy.

Instead, just as he did when he complained about not having a musical artist playing at his rally, he just sounds like a kid on the playground crying because another kid has a friend, and he doesn’t.