Hillary Clinton Has Built A Nevada (Fire) Wall And Trump’s Going To Pay For It

Donald Trump is the candidate who campaigned on building a wall, but it is Hillary Clinton who has built an early voting firewall in Nevada and Trump is paying for it.

Nevada election expert Jon Ralston examined the early voting numbers and concluded that Trump has already lost the state, and will take Nevada’s Republican US Senate candidate Rep. Joe Heck, and two House seats down with him.

The numbers, according to Ralston:

The Democrats won Clark County by more than 11,000 votes Friday (final mail count not posted yet), a record margin on a record-setting turnout day of 57,000 voters. The Dems now have a firewall — approaching 73,000 ballots — greater than 2012 when Barack Obama won the state by nearly 7 points. The 71,000 of 2012 was slightly higher in percentage terms, but raw votes matter. The lead is 14 percentage points — right at registration. You know what else matters? Registration advantages (142,000 in Clark). Reminder: When the Clark votes were counted from early/mail voting in 2012, Obama had a 69,000 vote lead in Clark County. Game over.

The statewide lead (some rurals not posted) will be above 45,000 — slightly under the 48,000 of 2012, but still robust. That’s 6 percentage points, or right about at registration. The GOP turnout advantage was under a percent, worse than 2012 when it was 1.1 percent.

Trump’s constant attacks have driven Nevada Latinos to the polls in massive record-setting numbers, and the result will gut the Republican Party in the state.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was out to build a firewall that would put Nevada out of reach for Trump, and that is exactly what they have done.

Trump has built his wall, but it is a wall of Latino votes against him. The Republican nominee laid the first brick when he called Mexicans rapists on the day he announced his presidential candidacy. His ploy to drive up the white vote by targeting Latinos for abuse has backfired and may have cost the GOP any hope they had of keeping the Senate.

If Latinos repeat what they have done in Nevada in other swing states, election day could be a total bloodbath for the Republican Party.

It was Hillary Clinton who built an electoral wall, and Trump is paying for it.