Trump’s ‘Silent Majority’ is Neither Silent Nor a Majority

The photo you see was tweeted by CNN’s Elizabeth Landers. Look at the guy above: he is neither silent nor, as we have seen, a majority.

Landers explained, “Trump/Pence supporter comes to press pen to express displeasure w/ Univision: ‘F*ck Jorge Ramos!’ Tells me he’s not ‘a real journalist.'” You know, because Ramos isn’t “white,” you can be sure.

As Jason Easley explained, “Republicans had four years to diversify their party, but they chose the opposite path.” That’s why he gets angry white guys like this attacking journalists. Katy Tur’s experience yesterday is, like racism, becoming the norm for Trump’s base:

Trump praised Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, calling him a “wonderful guy.” Miller, who called Hillary Clinton the c-word. Trump could, and did, pretend not to know who he was the next day, but the damage was done, the message received loud and clear.

At a Trump rally in New Hampshire yesterday, cries of “execute her!” could be heard.

The worse Trump does, the more extremist his own rhetoric becomes, and his followers take their cue from him, and the scene is played out in a thousand different ways below the podium, on the street, and, you can be sure, the polling place.

However, this is not the norm for the electorate. Surely such deplorable statements are not the stock and trade of American voters. Trump’s majority is as mythical as his wealth, and in their reckless hate, they are anything but silent.

Photo: Twitter, Elizabeth Landers