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Hillary Clinton Teams Up With LeBron James To Score A Comeback Victory In Ohio

Even as the media has basically declared the presidential race in Ohio a shoe-in for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton teamed up with LeBron James on Sunday in hopes of scoring a comeback victory in the state.

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Appearing onstage with the Democratic nominee and teammate J.R. Smith, James said that voting this year “really, really matters.”

James said:

I grew up in an inner-city and I know the whole notion of getting out and voting. I was one of those kids and I was around a community that was like “our vote doesn’t matter,” but it really does. It really, really does. We have to get out and make sure we vote. We have to get out and be knowledgeable about what’s going on … This woman right here has the brightest future for our world.

The four-time MVP also called Clinton the candidate best suited to make children’s “dreams become a reality.”


The big rally in Cleveland came just after FBI Director James Comey issued a second letter claiming that the bureau found no Clinton wrongdoing with respect to her emails as Secretary of State. It also comes as Democrats feel a renewed sense of optimism about their chances of pulling the state into their column on Nov. 8.

New polling just released today out of Ohio shows that the race is a virtual tie, with one Columbus Dispatch poll – the most accurate in the Buckeye State in 2012 – showing Clinton ahead by a single point.

LeBron James’ appearance with Clinton on Sunday is likely an attempt to mobilize African-American voters in the Democratic stronghold of Ohio’s Cuyahoga County. If he can help run up the score there and Clinton’s superior ground game manages to add a couple points to her level of support, there is a good chance Clinton can pull an upset and carry Ohio’s 18 electoral votes on Tuesday.

As LeBron James knows more than anyone, a championship series – or a presidential election – isn’t over until it’s over. The race in Ohio is by no means a done deal, and the momentum is with Hillary Clinton.

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