Republicans Gut Punched On Election Eve As FBI Again Says Clinton Committed No Email Crimes

FBI Director James Comey tried to clean up the mess caused by his first letter by issuing a new letter that has once again cleared Hillary Clinton of any crimes related to her use of private email. The letter comes on what is nearly election eve and amounts to a final kick in the teeth for the downtrodden and desperate Republican Party.

Here is the letter:

Comey wrote:


The Republican Party’s so-called election changer has crashed and burned, as FBI Director Comey once again cleared Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of any crimes related to her use of a private email server and handling of classified information.

If Republicans get their way, this may not be the last time that the FBI has to clear Clinton of any wrongdoing related to her emails. Republicans are planning on continuing their investigations into Clinton if she wins the election on Tuesday.

What was supposed to be the shocker that hand Donald Trump the White House has turned into a potential investigation of the FBI’s investigation if Democrats win a majority in the US Senate.

It has all fallen apart for Republicans in a little more than a week.

The FBI still interfered in a presidential election. An investigation is almost certainly coming, but the immediate impact of this news is that whatever tiny ember of hope Trump had left of the emails powering him to victory has been extinguished by another letter from FBI Director James Comey.