Trump’s Supporters Turn On Him After He Mismanages Time And Is 2 Hours Late For Own Rally

Things are getting ugly in Trump Land as some supporters are outraged that Trump is running more than two hours late after scheduling five rallies for Sunday and not being on time.

Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post tweeted:

If Donald Trump can’t even show up on time for his own campaign events, it doesn’t bode well for how he will run the country.

The worst part of this story isn’t that Trump was late for the rally in Pittsburgh. It’s that Pittsburgh was the fourth stop in a five rally day. There is a crowd in Virginia that was supposed to be addressed by Trump at 9:30 ET, which was when he was getting close to landing in Pittsburgh.

Trump can’t even manage a busy schedule on the campaign trail, which is why he can’t be trusted to manage the affairs of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is ending his campaign on such a disastrous note that even his own supporters are enraged to the point of tears.

If this is what qualifies as making America great, here’s hoping the voters say no thanks on Tuesday.