In 11th Hour Of Campaign, Over 20,000 Cheer On Hillary Clinton’s March Toward History


Update 10:30 PM: The crowd count is even higher than originally estimated, coming in at 33,000 via the Philadelphia Fire Department. Several thousand additional people watched from outside.

In one of Hillary Clinton’s final rallies of this campaign season, over 20,000 supporters turned out in Philadelphia to cheer on her march toward history.

Clinton didn’t just stress the importance of turning out to vote in one the most critical elections of our time, but she also said tomorrow is “just the beginning” of the work ahead.


“Every issue you care about is at stake, and that is just the beginning because we have to bridge the divides in our country,” the Democratic nominee said.

Clinton, acknowledging just how divisive politics has become, added, “I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became,” before someone from the crowd shouted, “Not your fault!”

The Democratic nominee said she “will be a president for all Americans,” not just voters who end up supporting her on Tuesday.


Not only was the huge event a great way for Clinton to make her unifying closing argument to voters, but it stood in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s rallies, which have consistently been defined by anger and hatred toward Clinton:

While Trump’s message is specifically directed toward a shrinking and increasingly angry faction of America, Clinton’s message is forward-looking and inclusive. This was on full display in Philadelphia on the closing night of this long election season.

In the 11th hour of this campaign, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton has the momentum and stands just 24 hours away from making history as the first woman elected to the highest office in the world.