Late Early Voting Surge In Ohio Swing The Buckeye State Toward Hillary Clinton

A late early vote surge shows an uptick from 2012 in two Democratic counties, causing Michael McDonald of Elect Project to say that Hillary Rodham Clinton might have pulled off Ohio. At the very least, the late surge has swung Ohio toward Clinton.

Jason Easley pointed out in his Nov 6th Politicus Presidential Projection Map that a new poll of Ohio made the best case scenario for Clinton a little more plausible. That best case is 355. He explained that Hillary Clinton could lose every other swing state and still win the election if she wins Ohio.

At the worst, this means Trump is no longer favored to win Ohio. Poor Governor John Kasich will be blamed by Donald Trump if he loses Ohio, but the truth is that it will be down to Hillary Clinton’s brilliantly executed ground game and strategic efforts to motivate the Democratic base.