Caught on Camera: Donald Trump Makes Sure His Own Wife Votes For Him

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was booed as he entered his polling place Tuesday morning and when he and his wife Melania voted, CNN caught him looking over his wife’s shoulder as she voted as if he needed to verify her ballot for some reason.

See below via Salon’s Amanda Marcotte:

It appears as if Donald Trump’s legendary paranoia goes home with him as well, and he doesn’t quite trust that his wife would vote for him if left to her own devices.

And of course, Trump didn’t respect her privacy.

This picture does say everything, because the Secret Hillary Club is real. No Republican man can be sure his wife is really voting for Donald Trump, nor should he be.

Women are going to roar today as they exercise their right to vote and object to the inhumane way Donald Trump speaks about and treats women.

Image: CNN screencap via Twitter

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