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Donald Trump Told a Big Whopping Lie About Tom Brady Voting for Him

Donald Trump’s discussion with Tom Brady that he recounted last night turns out to have been a product of Donald Trump’s imagination. None of what he claims was said took place, as Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen revealed on Instagram this morning.

This is what Trump claims was said:

“Tom Brady, great guy, great friend of mine, great, great champion, unbelievable winner. He called today and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you,’” Trump told the crowd. “This guy is a champ and a winner and he is a great person,” Trump continued. “So I said, Tom, you voted for me, you support me, am I allowed to say it tonight to this massive crowd in New Hampshire? He said, ‘If you want to say it, you can say it.’”

Yet when a fan wrote a comment to Gisele Bundchen on Instagram, “Gisele I heard you and Tom were backing Trump! Is that true??” Tom Brady’s wife responded with a resounding “NO!”

That’s right: Trump’s “great friend” Tom Brady, who declined to speak on Trump’s behalf at the Republican convention, isn’t voting for him. The conversation Trump claims took place never happened.

It had previously been revealed that contrary to Trump’s claim, Brady had not voted. Now we know the whole truth, not only that the QB has not voted for Trump, but that he will not be. This incident further demonstrates Trump’s descent into a fantasy world impenetrable to reality, a fact that has become ever more apparent as his election prospects faded.

At least Donald Trump was consistent. He began his campaign with lies and he ended it the same way.

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