It’s Election Day and Trump is Still Whining About Beyoncé and Jay Z

Poor Donald. It is Election Day and you would think he has more important things to worry about, but Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends this morning to whine some more about Beyoncé and Jay Z. Oh, and to lie some more about how a venue that holds 11,000 people somehow held 28,000.

Never has Trump’s envy been more on display than in the closing days of his campaign as he refuses to get over the fact that stars are willing to come out in support of him while all he has is Ted Nugent and Joe Piscopo. He whined last night, and he’s still raw over the imagined slight, never able to admit he’s done this to himself.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

BRIAN KILMEADE: What is it like on your plane as you’re about to do events? You monitor other channels and see what your opponent’s doing. And it’s hard not to see, while you are getting huge crowds on your own. There’s Bon Jovi, there’s a president, there’s a first lady, there’s the former president Bill Clinton, there’s Lady Gaga, all coming out to fill up the square in Philadelphia. Does that get intimidating to you?
DONALD TRUMP: No, because she can’t fill up the rooms. She was getting very poor crowds and then all of the sudden she got these people. In the case of Jay Z, the language he used was terrible. She talks about me and the language was unbelievable that Jay Z and Beyoncé used and frankly, a lot of people left and they left because of the language, and then they left when the performance was done, and there weren’t too many people in the room. She would have been better off not having them, but she uses that. I could do that too but I’m filling up rooms Just on the basis of what I’m saying. I don’t need anybody to fill up the room. We fill up — last night, we had 28,000 people at 1:30, 1:00, practically 1:00 in the morning. 28,000 people in Michigan —
KILMEADE: That’s amazing.
TRUMP: And by the way, we had 22,000 people in New Hampshire. The big arena. It was incredible last night. And I will say, I have the best surrogates. I have my kids, I have my family. Don, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, all of them, they go around and they make speeches. They are better than the people that you just said.

Here is a list – and it’s a long one – of all the people, places and things he has insulted during his campaign, and he is complaining that Beyoncé isn’t nice to him.

Trump has said some of the most appalling things ever said during a presidential campaign, and he just had Ted Nugent on stage at one of his rallies feeling himself up, yet he’s complaining about Jay Z’s language. Well, dishonesty and hypocrisy and Donald Trump are old friends.

In fact, Trump could not “do that too” because he has nobody willing to show up on his behalf. Even his own party won’t campaign for him. And whatever he thinks his own imagined star power might be, charisma can’t overcome simple math.

This entire campaign for Trump has been one extended whine-fest and an endless parade of accusations by and the imagined persecution of Donald Trump.

Even now he is so self-obsessed that with the campaign over, he still cannot let go of imagined slights and his mine-is-bigger-than-yours attitude to all things in life.