George Takei Brilliantly Ridicules Ann Coulter’s Racist Voting Claim

The Republican Party and their new corporate owner/designated messiah, Donald Trump, really doesn’t like it when people who are sufficiently white cast a ballot. We’ve already seen Trump’s Nevada lawsuit collapse

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter has suggested that the best way to run an election is to require voters to have four grandparents born in this country. Then, she claimed, “Trump would win in a 5-ostate landslide.”

George Takei was having none of that, and tweeted in mockery of the McCarthyist Coulter,

The truth is, there are plenty of African-Americans who can trace their ancestry back to the earliest days of the North American colonies when their ancestors were brought here to be slaves for people like Ann Coulter. Mexicans were living in cities in the Southwest already, so there are many Hispanics here who can also trace their ancestry sufficiently far back.

And never mind that if Coulter’s wish came true it would exclude much of the Trump family, including Donald Trump himself, whose mother came over from Scotland. Yes, “white” people can be immigrants too.

While that is true, the real intent, of course, is to prevent more recent arrivals from voting, even though they are American citizens, with all the rights and privileges granted by the United States Constitution that the rest of us enjoy.

The sly dig here by George Takei is brilliant, mocking the evangelical’s choice for president by alluding to his multiple marriages. Republicans will do anything to prevent minorities from voting, and it is a very small leap from Coulter’s wishful thinking to a Republican legislature.