Hero Judge Stands Up For Democracy And Rejects Trump’s Nevada Election Day Lawsuit

A hero judge stood up to the Trump campaign’s crazed Nevada conspiracy and dismissed their attempt to undermine democracy with a bogus lawsuit.

The Trump Nevada lawsuit was based on a wild conspiracy theory that people were allowed to walk up and join the line in Clark County after the polls had closed. The Trump campaign wanted the ability to harass the people who were working the polls that night, and they were seeking to violate the principles of the secret ballot by requesting voter information.

The judge repeatedly told Trump’s attorney that he was legally asking for something that the Secretary of State was already obligated to do.

This exchange as tweeted by Jon Ralston summed up the tone of the hearing:

Judge Sturman denied the Trump campaign everything they were asking for and said that she is reluctant to impose any obligation on their Registrar of Voters because he is a very busy man.

Trump’s lawyer would ask for something insane, like the personal information of poll workers, or the power to open ballots to see how people voted.

Trump’s ploy to gum up the election is dead, and in the process, the basis for a crazy conspiracy theory that would allow Republicans to argue that the election was stolen was smashed by one hero judge and her respect for democracy.