The Long Campaign and Expose’ of America’s Shame Is Over

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Many Americans, okay, most Americans are likely joyous that the arduously long presidential campaign is over as if there is going to be some sort of normalcy again. Although there may be a sense of normal borne of not being bombarded with campaign reporting, America will not be normal anytime soon; its reputation and sense of civilized society have been severely damaged by the emergence of latent hatred exposing everything bad and disgusting about human beings. There has always been minor disunion in the population, which is just a normal human condition. But it is likely there has not been outright hatred towards other Americans to the point of threatening conflict in this country since the Civil War. Sadly, that segment of the population steeped in hatred fairly lusts to repeat what was the darkest period in American history, and equally as sad is the recognition that no election’s result is going to change them.

There have been a plethora of commentary and opinion pieces on Donald Trump’s ascendancy to take over the Republican Party, and each has rightly noted that Trump was the perfect con artist to step in and take advantage of the hard work the GOP establishment and Koch brothers did to cultivate his base over the past eight years. However, as with any kind of cultivation, there has to be something to actually cultivate. For eight years Republicans carefully fed and watered the segment of the population already plagued with, or prone to, hate and without that base, Republicans would be a struggling minority party and Donald Trump would still be a pimp for “big-time” wrestling.

This column has noted in several articles over the duration of the campaign that everything Donald Trump has said in public is something a Republican said first over the past eight years. This is important not because, as President Obama said, Trump just puts his name on things somebody else did or said, but to demonstrate that the Republican establishment has been just as hate-driven as Trump because it is what their constituency is: hateful racists, religious freaks, and xenophobes. Let’s face it, ignorant and extremist hate mongers like Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Steve King (R-IA), Michele Bachmann (R-TP) or any other extremist Republican would never win an election if they didn’t cater to their extremist base with steady diets of precisely where to direct their innate sense of hate; typically for non-conservatives, people of color and non-Christians.

Like the aforementioned Republican extremists, it is fairly certain that every last hateful thing Donald Trump says comes from his deep-seated beliefs, but if close to half the population didn’t believe the exact same things, Donald Trump would be negotiating a new reality show deal to keep himself in public. The point is that despite what happens in the election, America is still going to be inhabited by a relatively large segment of the population that are angrier and more hateful than ever and are not the least bit ashamed of their inhumanity towards other Americans. And despite what one thinks about Donald J. Trump, and yes he may be a piece of human filth, but he did not create his acolytes that recognize a kindred spirit and very vocal spokesman for their cause. If nothing else, the long campaign has exposed what should be America’s greatest shame, but many conservatives wear their inhumanity as a badge of honor and it is the reason they support Trump.

Of course, there are conservatives voting for Trump that disagree with some, or even many, of his hateful rhetoric, but it seems that to a person they embrace the inhumane and barbaric idea of making America white and Christian. They love the idea of kicking out Mexicans and Muslims and “putting” Christianity in the public forum (read government) and place those agendas far above the economy, jobs, national security or any policy that may help them or other Americans. That level of hatred and inhumanity wasn’t created by Donald Trump or the Republican establishment; it has been in-and-cross bred into generations of Americans and this campaign exposed just how deeply it permeates the population.

Many Americans were shocked at the latent racism that roiled after President Obama’s two election victories, but that racism fairly pales in comparison to the blatant expression of hatred for all things not white, not Christian, and not conservative that’s developed and been exposed over the past year. It has been a shameful experience to observe and comment on because although one knew there were inhumane Americans in the population, it was a horrid realization that close to half the population are inherently barbaric bordering on savage. Despite the result of the election, they, their anger and their hatred aren’t going anywhere. It is true the haters have always existed, but now they’re out in the open, they are emboldened, they are increasingly angrier and now they are a force and it shames America.

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