Half Of All National Voter Intimidation Complaints Are Coming From Pennsylvania

More than half of the voter intimidation reports being logged in the entire country by Election Protection are coming in from the must-win state of Pennsylvania.

According to Election Protection half of the nation’s voter intimidation is happening in Pennsylvania:

– Widespread reports of polling places asking for voter ID. More than half of the intimidation events are reported to the hotline from this state
and problems with lack of Spanish language assistance in counties required to provide it under the Voting Rights Act.

– Approximately half of the intimidation events that are being reported to 866-OUR-VOTE are coming from Pennsylvania and include some reports of voters engaging in “argumentative behavior” with each other.

NBC News reported that the requests for voter ID are occurring in the Philadelphia area. Some voters think that poll workers are confused because the proposed voter ID law that former Republican Gov. Tom Corbett tried to put into place that was struck down by a court in 2013.

Pennsylvania state law does require identification for new voters or voters voting in a new location, but a driver’s license or photo ID is not required.

The good news is that the Pennsylvania Board Of Elections stepped in to halt the requests for voter ID, “Requests for voter ID in Pennsylvania and New York [have been addressed by Boards of Elections after reports. There are no photo ID requirements in these states.”

It isn’t shocking that Republicans and Trump supporters would target Pennsylvania for their voter intimidation efforts The Democratic strongholds of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are key to Hillary Clinton winning the state. Trump has little hope of winning the presidential election if he can’t win in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton has poll workers in polling places that voters in Pennsylvania can report voter intimidation to. Voters who have been asked for identification or intimidated at the polls call also call Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE.

Don’t allow anyone to intimidate you out of your vote. Don’t allow your vote to be stolen. If you see something wrong at the polls in Pennsylvania or any other state, report it immediately.

Your vote is your voice, and no one has a right to silence you.