Democrat Tammy Duckworth Picks Up Critical Senate Seat In Illinois

Adding to the number of Democratic seats in the Senate – and their hopes of retaking the chamber of Congress – Tammy Duckworth has been projected to win the race in Illinois, defeating incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Kirk.

The result is welcome news for Democrats who know they needed to pick up this Senate seat in order to have a chance of regaining control of the upper chamber of Congress.

Other Senate races, from New Hampshire to North Carolina, are close at this stage of the night but show Democrats leading right now. In Florida, a key race between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy, Rubio has now been projected to win there, likely a disappointment to Democrats. In the Ohio race, Republican incumbent Sen. Rob Portman held onto his seat there, but that was an expected GOP hold.

In determining the full makeup of the Senate, though, it will likely be a long night as we await final results from New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, among other important battlegrounds.

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