People Wait in Line to Say Thank You and Pay Homage to Voting Rights Activist Susan B Anthony

As Americans go to the polls having the option to vote for a woman president on a major party ticket for the first time in history, people in Rochester, New York are also waiting in line at the grave of voting rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

ABC News reported that crowds are putting their “I voted” and “#BecauseOfWomenLikeHER” stickers on Anthony’s grave, located at Mount Hope Cemetery:

Susan B. Anthony devoted her life to the women’s suffrage movement. After Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination of her party in July, the woman Mayor of the city of Rochester put a sign up thanking Anthony:

The Director of the Susan B. Anthony Historic House and Museum, Deborah Roberts, told ABC “people have been traveling from out of state or mailing in their stickers to honor Anthony.”

You can read more about Anthony’s dedicated fight for the rights of women here, where they note, “During the Civil War, Anthony and Stanton formed the Women’s Loyal National League, the first national women’s political organization. Through the WLNL, 5,000 women gathered 400,000 signatures to persuade Congress to pass the 13th Amendment guaranteeing the freedom of African Americans.”

That’s important because as Hillary Clinton famously said, women’s rights are human rights. This is what today is all about – protecting the rights of all Americans, not just the privileged and those who enjoy the status of the majority.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life, and indeed her college life, fighting for the rights of all people including disabled children, African Americans, women and children. This is a historic day no matter how it ends.

Image: screencap of ABC News, using footage from WROC/CBS