Trump Files Bogus Election Day Lawsuit To Stop Hillary Clinton From Winning

Donald Trump is filing a lawsuit because officials in Clark County, Nevada legally kept the polls open so that people who were waiting in line could vote:

MSNBC’s Ari Melber tweeted the Trump filing:

Trump wants those early votes in a heavily Democratic county thrown out:

The reason why Trump is filing this lawsuit is that he can’t win the presidency without winning Nevada. Remote dream scenarios can be invented where Trump magically flips blue states, but the reality is that Trump has to win Nevada to have any chance at all.

The Nevada lawsuit is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. Trump is hoping that he loses the election by a small margin so that he can tie up the election in court and deny Hillary Clinton the White House.

Trump’s lawsuit is bogus and without merit, but the filing of such a flimsy lawsuit marks the beginning of America’s potential nightmare Donald Trump’s tantrum sore loser phase. Hillary Clinton is believed to have run up such a big lead in early voting that Nevada is out potentially out of reach for Donald Trump. It is possible that the Trump campaign saw the early morning numbers in the state and decided to file the lawsuit as a way to block Hillary Clinton from winning the White House.

If Trump really believes that the election is rigged, look for his campaign to file bogus lawsuits all across the country.

Donald Trump’s loss at the ballot box may trigger a sore loser fit of nuisance lawsuits that will make sure that the Republican nominee won’t immediately fade from the spotlight.