David Frum Predicts the Dark Course of Trump’s Impending Authoritarianism

Former speechwriter for President George W. Bush David Frum laid out some terror Wednesday with an eerie predication of the course of Donald Trump’s impending authoritarianism.

Mind you, these tweets were written by a conservative who wrote speeches for George W. Bush, a president largely accused of expanding and abusing executive branch power.

Frum joined many Republicans in saying that he had voted for Hillary Clinton rather than vote for Donald Trump. Where all of these crossover votes went is anyone’s guess.

Frum’s point about Donald Trump having unfettered access to power is one I’ve been making since he won. Republicans have already proven that they are fine with weaponizing the FBI against Democrats in order to win an election, which places Donald Trump in the odd situation of being elected while acting like Richard Nixon. Perhaps because of it.

Donald Trump will have no checks and balances on his power. The Supreme Court has been stripped of its power by Republicans who refused to even give a hearing to President Obama’s extraordinary nominee Merrick Garland, leaving it wide open for Trump to fill the seat with someone who will embolden his violations of the law.

And the House and Senate are full of Republicans who have already shown that they will use government against opponents. There are no standards here to stop Trump. There are not enough Republicans with ethics and courage to stand in his way.

It isn’t that Donald Trump has a plan to do this, it’s that his nature and opportunity and a willing Republican Party will embolden him in his revenge plots. Donald Trump is already unstable, now we’ve made him the most powerful person on earth and Republicans have destroyed any checks and balances that were supposed to protect us. And them.

Buckle up, America.