Trump Won, And Now It Is Time For Democrats To Stand Up And Fight

For more than eight years Democrats have been on the defensive against the Republican attack machine. Republicans never had to be accountable for anything because they could always blame President Obama. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and it is time for Democrats to dust themselves off and fight back.

Here are a couple of realities for America to chew on:

1). Donald Trump will take office as the most unpopular president ever at the time of his inauguration.

2). Republicans are now on the hook for everything.

Republicans have had it easy for the last eight years. Despite winning control of the House and Senate, they haven’t had to be responsible for anything. Republicans leadership came with the built in excuse of blaming Obama. Republicans didn’t need plans because they could get by with criticizing any proposals that Democrats offered.

Republicans spent eight years being angry, and empty rage was good enough.

Democratic turnout dropped in 2016 and being mad won the party control of everything.

Ok, Republicans. You won, Now what?

After Donald Trump takes office, they’ll be no more excuses.

Republicans won’t have anyone to blame. The safest bet in the world is that the Republican leadership will become embroiled in a full-blown civil war. Trump doesn’t have any actual policies, and half to three-quarters of what he says he wants to do, Republicans in Congress oppose.

Republican economic ideas are likely to trigger another recession while exploding the debt and deficit because that is what Republican economic ideology does.

The best part about the 2016 vote for self-destruction is that Democrats can go on the attack. Too many voters took Obama and the Democratic Party for granted. They took the progress and change that has occurred over the past eight years as a given.

They didn’t see the urgency in this election, and President Donald Trump is going to be their wake up call.

The burden of responsibility for the country that Democrats have been shouldering alone for nearly a decade has been lifted.

Democrats are free.

The 2016 election is done.

It’s time to get to work and rebuilding the party and setting a path for victory in 2018 and 2020.

Oaths haven’t been taken yet, but the clock is already ticking on Republican control of our government.

Democrats, prepare for a fight to take your country back.