Hate Is Rapidly Spreading Across The Country After Donald Trump’s Election Win

Vindicating the pre-election concerns of many Democrats and Republicans, Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday has quickly triggered a wildfire of hate spreading across the country, from schools to workplaces.

At a school in Pennsylvania, for example, two people were caught on camera parading the hallways holding a Trump sign while a group of students accompanying them shouted, “White power!”


At Oak Brook Middle School in Michigan, kids were heard chanting, “Build the wall!” while students of Hispanic and Latino descent listened on, some even crying.


“Tears were running down my face,” said one Mexican-American student, according to the Detroit News. “I was so upset. A friend went to the bathroom crying. Everybody was chanting along with it. She was scared. She looked really upset. I felt really bad for her.”

At another high school, this time in Minnesota, racist messages were found written in and around the school’s bathroom – phrases like “Go back to Africa” or “whites only,” accompanied by Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

You can see the graphic images here, but keep in mind that they are deeply disturbing, especially in 2016.

In Wellsville, New York, a massive swastika was found spray-painted on the wall of a dugout next to the words, “Make America White Again.”

The list of post-election hatred goes on and on so I will, without commentary, highlight a few more below:

These are not isolated incidents.

In the 24 hours since Donald Trump was elected, police departments across the country have been investigating a wave of hate crimes toward Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, and those in the LGBT community.

Ultimately, it boils down to this: The individuals now openly engaging in or encouraging these racial attacks are simply emulating the new president-elect’s behavior throughout the long and disturbing campaign.

Did anybody seriously think an electoral victory by Trump – the man endorsed by the KKK – would quiet these voices? If they did, they had their head in the sand.

The last few days have proven that what many people, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, warned us about prior to this election is actually taking place all across the country.

This is the mess Donald Trump created. Before he takes the oath of office next year, he must clean it up.