Trump’s Corrupt Inner Circle Gets Shaken Up with Chris Christie’s Scandals

Donald Trump’s inner circle is sort of a rogues’ gallery of corrupt, ethics-challenged or corruption-adjacent politicians so it should be no surprise that he’s already having to shake up his transition team due to long time pal Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

After two of Chris Christie’s close allies were convicted over the Bridgegate scandal and claimed that the Republican Governor was involved in the plot to close the bridge as a form of political retribution, a criminal summons was issued for the Republican Governor and close Trump pal, Donald Trump is shaking up the transition team Christie was leading for him, according to Glenn Thrush and Louise Nelson at Politico.

They report that Mike Pence will replace Chris Christie as transition team leader. “The source said Christie ‘will still be around’— hardly a ringing endorsement — and that Sen. Jeff Session’s chief of staff, Rick Dearborn, will help run the transition effort, especially the day-to-day operations.”

Of note, “Christie, one of the first prominent Republicans to endorse Trump, had been rumored to be under consideration for the position of attorney general.”

That seems about right for a man who is considering putting Sarah Palin in charge of the Interior.

Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, but what he meant was obvious given those who staffed his transition team and provided input on “policies”. What he meant was he would reward the corrupt gang he hangs with whom he hangs around by elevating them to the highest offices where they can do the most damage and about which they either know nothing or have a resume that should exclude them from that position.

Or in one case he will take a Goldman Sachs veteran and put him in charge of monetary policy, after railing about Hillary Clinton even speaking to Goldman Sachs. Trump is “draining the swamp” by filling his cabinet with the very lobbyists he campaigned against.

“Anti-establishment” really means “unacceptable to society, already rejected or found guilty of ethics violations or with a cloud of criminal abuse of power so large it threatens to pollute the entire executive branch or big, big money”.

Republicans railed on about the “Chicago machine” only to elect the New York mob style machine.

This is the clownshow that will be the Trump administration. We will try to keep up as he sifts through his corrupt New York FBI mob type buddies and the usual crowd of already discredited and humiliated politicians.

It’s worth noting that Chris Christie is accused of doing exactly what Donald Trump has done in his professional life — abusing his power to get even with people. The thing is, doing this in the capacity of a civil servant is illegal. It’s Nixonian. There is no darker form of corruption, except perhaps to be communicating with the Kremlin as it hacks your opponent’s emails in your effort to get elected. This, too, is something Donald Trump has been accused of and the man hasn’t even taken residence yet in the White House.

Draining the swamp means filling it up with the most corrupt people Trump can find. You know what they say, water seeks its own level.

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